Junior Golf

Blackhawk's Junior Golf Program is recognized as one of the best the State of Wisconsin for a number of reasons. First, our Club has a commitment to, and long history of, providing instruction and access for young players. We maintain a superior selection of well qualified instructors and volunteers to aid in the development of our juniors and the program as a whole.

Blackhawk boasts one of the largest and most successful junior golf programs in the area.Individual instruction is available year round, but once school is out,things swing into high gear.

Children are grouped with others of the same age and/or ability level, allowing them to make new friends and develop confidence in their game. Parents assist by walking with the younger children and helping to teach them the etiquette that is so much a part of the game.

At Blackhawk, your children will have the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business, our Director of Golf, Derek Schnarr. One of the most accomplished teachers in the State, Derek has significant experience teaching students. Blackhawk offers a full outdoor teaching facility and the golf shop is equipped with a teaching center that allows for detailed written and video feedback. Derek is the founder of Balance & Believe, a unique instruction methodology based on the premise that better play leads to more enjoyment, and that instructions must be tailored to each individual's physical and mental abilities and desires.

Derek and his assistants have a real ability to “connect" with the kids. They specialize in individualized instruction, grounded first in self-evaluation of golf & non-golf elements. They break down golf into unique components, and together with each student work through what defines success for that player and build an instructional curriculum to achieve those goals.
They keep it fun, while teaching kids the fundamentals they need to enjoy a lifetime of golf.

Blackhawk’s juniors are well-equipped to compete at the high school level, and have an impressive track record in the State Tournament competition.

Give your children the advantage they deserve by enrolling them in Blackhawk’s Junior Golf Program!

Please contact the golf shop for more information: 608-231-2456.

The opportunities for development and membership for our students range from one-a-week Junior Golf (group instruction) to High School and High School Graduate Student Memberships to Intermediate member classifications and club access. We are the home of the avid golfer, and no local club provides the level of resources, access and instruction for young players that Blackhawk does.

Level  Age 
Range Rover  6 and Under
3-Holers  7-8 
5-Holers  9-10
Novice 9s  10 and Up
9-Holers  Minimum Age: 11
18-Holers  Minimum Age: 13