The Course

#1: The Trail

Straight away downhill Par 4. Not as easy as it looks.

Par 4
Green D23YDS, W 17YDS
Red 350 YDS
Gold 350YDS
White 367 YDS
Black 375 YDS


Black 6175 70.3/ 128 | White 5939 69.2 / 125 | Gold 5457 67.1/ 121 Men 71.8/ 127 Women | Red 5227 70.2 / 123

  • General
      • Register in golf shop before beginning play.
      • Replace divots, rake sand traps, repair ball marks.
      • Pace of play - Blackhawk can be played comfortably in four (4) hours or less.
      • Slow players must hold position or allow the following group to play through.
      • There is a mandatory non-metal spike policy.
      • Keep all golf carts 30 feet from tees and greens, and outside of roped areas.
      • Yardages are measured to the center of the green.
      • Starting on hole number ten is allowed only with Golf Shop permission.
  • Local Rules
      • Play is governed by USGA Rules of Golf except where modified by local rules.
      • Out of bounds - Defined by white stakes or lines, perimeter fences and public road on hole #15.
      • A ball that crosses a public road defined as out of bounds and comes to rest beyond the road is out of bounds, even though it may lie on another part of the course.
      • Environmentally Sensitive Areas: Defined by red stakes with green tops on hole #13. Entry into and play from these areas is prohibited. Relief must be taken pursuant to Rule 26-1 (Water Hazard).
      • Lateral water hazard--defined by red stakes.
      • Free Lift areas:
        • Cart paths
        • Monuments, flower bed, and areas covered by mulch or wood chips.
        • Newly planted trees that are staked or tagged
        • Ground under repair